Horn Please or Horrible Place: Review

After a tiring road trip when you enter your city again, the only thing you desire is food! Delicious mouth watering food. This is when me and my friends stumbled upon this place in Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi called Horn Please.

To my disappointment, this place was not exactly like what I thought it would be. All of us were extremely hungry and all we wanted was food. Seeing a place that is open 24X7 was like a bliss. We rushed in and to our amazement the place was nice. Great ambiance and even at 2:00 am in the morning, the place had decent customers and quite a lot of them actually.

We placed our order and were eagerly waiting for it. What else would you expect from 4 hungry people. All of us were damn tired to indulge in any activity or to talk. All we wanted was food. However, we ended up waiting for 1 hour and 15 minutes and what we got was really cold dried up honey chilli potato. This was not all we ordered a lot of other things and the management kept on telling us to wait.
We asked for the bill of just chilli potato as we could no longer wait. All of us were just dozzing off. But, the management kept on saying that your order will be here in 5 mins. It was 4:00 am now and we couldn’t wait any longer. We started heading out, this is when the manager came and asked us to just pay for the chilli potato. Not just this, when we complained that the chilli potato was dry and cold, he admitted that we were served stale food. Disgusting isn’t it? You open a restaurant and are least bothered to prepare food for your customers even when they were waiting for almost 2 hours.

We paid the bill and left.

This was one of the worst experiences that I ever had with restaurants. Not just that the service is bad, the behaviour of staff is disappointing and the food horrible. I believe the place should rename itself as “horrible place” from horn please. If you ever come across this place, think twice before visiting. But if you want to just visit the place for its cool ambiance, you can always do that. Checkout the pictures of the cafe below.

For me, the search for a restaurant that is open 24X7 is still on. Whenever I find a place that is open till late at night or surprisingly 24X7, it automatically gets a place on my check list. Waiting to stumble upon some nice place soon enough.


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