Flaming Pizza & Kebab Festival 2017@ Ardor2.1

Embracing the flavours of Italy and north India, Ardor 2.1 is here with an amazing new combination of flaming pizza and kebabs at its “Flaming Pizza and Kebab Festival.”
The festival brings the combination of super-sensational mouth-watering pizzas and traditional Mughlai tasting kebabs. Do you know Pizzas and kebab, both have something in common, both of them go well with Jack & Coke! Relish the tasty food and enjoy the refreshing drinks at this fantastic festival which will awaken your taste buds and get your spirits high. The soothing ghazals are like seasonings on the pizza and mint chutney on the kebab.
The festival offers all the food lovers to try a twisty combination most royally.
Details of the festival
(Veg) 1 Flaming Pizza + Kebab Platter + 2 Soft Drink/Mocktail at Rs.999*


(Non-Veg) 1 Flaming Pizza + Kebab Platter + 2 Soft Drink/Mocktail at Rs.1199*

*plus taxes as applicable
**Each Dish serves only 2

Enhance your experience with the fantastic 2+1 offer on JD for all this period to pair up with the amazing Pizzas and Kebabs.

Outer Circle, Block N, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

For more details and bookings, Call now: +91- 9810187088

Want to know my Food walk down and experience at the flaming pizza & kebab festival? Read here!



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