Food Walkdown of Flaming Pizza & Kebab Festival @Ardor2.1

After the success of some of the fantastic nawab food festivals at Ardor 2.1, it has come up with the brilliant “Flaming Pizza and Kebab Festival”. This beautiful mix of Italian crust with the spicy Mughlai taste of Kebabs is commendable. The combination turns out to be the perfect match. This unique combination is a must try, and the beverages just add a few more stars to this fantastic festival.

My take on the Food

The festival offers you a large variety of food options, both veg and non- veg along with Cocktails/ Mocktails. Both the veg and non- veg menu is filled with delicacies that you would not want to miss out on. Each option serves 2.

Vegetarian Menu

It is usually said that kebabs are not meant for vegetarians, but Ardor2.1 managed to bring out such delicious mouth -watering vegetarian kebabs that would make you crave for more. The menu for the veggie lovers consisted of

1-    Vegetarian Pizza flambé with vodka

2-    Veg Kebab Platter ( Paneer Tikka Ajwaini, Achari Khumb, Punjabi Soya Chaap, & Paneer Mirch Ki Seekh)

3-    Mocktail/Softdrink

Non- Vegetarian Menu

The menu consists of everything that a meat lover would never want to miss, and when it’s finger licking good, it’s like the cherry on the cake. The menu consisted of

1)    Barbeque Chicken Pizza with Rum

2)    Non-Vegetarian Kebab Platter (Murgh Tikka Punjabi, Murgh Malai Kebab, Ghost k Seekh, & Macchi Tikka Ajwaini)


All of it just doesn’t sound delicious, but the taste was heavenly.

I tried both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian kebab platter, and I couldn’t decide which one was better. The kebabs were soft yet crisp and carried with them the real north Indian Nawabi taste. The meat was soft and juicy with all the flavours intact while the vegetable kebabs were equally delicious. With the right proportion of Indian Spices and the grilling, the kebabs would be relished by you, at least it was by me.

The flaming pizza stands up to its name and brings out the best aroma and flavours of the ingredients. I tried the non-vegetarian pizza which was heavenly. The taste and smell of rum while I enjoyed the cheese (I am a cheese lover!) were excellent. It did awaken my senses. The mild flavour of rum makes the pizza exotic.

Before flaming (above)

After flaming (above)



The festival offers great refreshing drinks that would complement your food. Great refreshing mocktails and summer special fruit based organic cocktails were impressive. The festival also allows you to enjoy Jack Daniels Whisky on a special offer of 2+1.

I tried the White Melon Moscow Mule (Vodka, Melon Syrup, Lime juice, mixed with fresh white Melon Crush). It was one of the best cocktails I have ever had. I could feel the presence of vodka firmly but it the aroma had no hint of it. The brilliant mixing of the ingredients to create the cocktail was great.



I must say Ardor2.1 has the friendliest staff. You don’t have to look for the waiter or wait for him. They are right there at your service. They won’t just stand beside you, but they always make sure that the time you need something, they just rush back to you. The service is fast and nice.


You would not feel less than a royal with the amazing Nawabi food and ambience. The lighting is soothing, and the décor is unique, just like the restaurant. The interiors of the restaurant have changed a lot since the last I visited this fantastic place.

The Ghazals will just give the exact feel that you would be looking for with this amazing food and ambience.


This unique mix and match concept is worth giving a try. I loved the food, service, and ambience. The Flaming Pizza & Kebab festival is an all-time hit just like the previous festivals. It’s a must visit festival with only a few days left. The festival is on until 15 August, so don’t miss out. For details and bookings call: +91 9810187088

Looking forward to more wonderful food festivals at Ardor2.1. Cheers!

Know more about the event>


Checkout other pics of the festival below!





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